Our Mission

Children seem to be the happiest when playing at the playground. We love to see their cute smile while they’re playing carelessly. So we designed all BIOHARS playground equipment to provide everything a children needs in interest of to be happy. Which child would not be filled with happiness when the carousel rotates him around and around or when he quickly slips down on a slide? Using our playgrounds your children can have fun safely, thanks to the high quality design and careful implemention.

If I look at my dining table and ask myself which people contributed to the food, the napkins, the cutlery on it, I could list all the humanity. The optician works in order to give you a clear view, the teacher works to raise healthy people, and we are working in order to make children smile and help them improve while playing. This is the reason why our mission statement is „The children’s smile makes the world more beautiful.”

Think about, we are working for each other, for a better future. We have to start the change in ourselves, so we can reach more people. A swallow doesn’t make summer, but if non of them start the flight all of them will freeze. Imagine how many people can you affect daily! Family, friends, business partners etc.

What do we provide?

We are producing playgrounds, park and sports equipment, dog agility traks. Our main products are playgrounds, we also deal with the production of other goods made of wood and steel. 

  • Playgrounds: wood or steel
  • Sports and streetwourkout equipment made of steel
  • Parkfurnitures: tables and benches, flower holders, bike racks, trash cans

We provide full service from planning to construction:

  • planning
  • production
  • delivery
  • installation
  • permission

Upon request, we are happy to undertake a full range of services, so our customers only have to deal with the order, the other tasks are solved by our company. Feel free to contact us with your questions!

  • Extra color painting: Our tools are usually beech and oak, but any color combination is available on request.
  • On-site survey
  • Layout plan: Adapting to the conditions of the given area, we prepare a layout plan, taking into account the required fall and free areas, in order to arrange the equipment in the most appropriate way.
  • Shipping
  • Installation: Proper concreting of the device support legs.
  • Shock absorption: Devices with a walking level above 1 meter require shock-absorbing ground. It can be made of several materials: sand, pebbles, rubber bricks.
  • Initial Use Permit: An accredited organization issues a first use permit for each device installed in a public area. In addition, these games require a review every 4 years.

What does BIOHARS mean? 
In English it means BIO-LINDEN. 
BIO: Our goal is to cooperte with our environment and follow a regenerative (more than sustainable) development. We satisfy real customer needs instead of just concentrating of profit. LINDEN: in Greek  it means „wing”. So we feel that our mission is to help our empolyees to develope their capabilities thereby we can achive a common goal. Linden’s heart shaped leaf is a symbol of friendship, love and happiness. These are the lines we act along in our everyday lives.


Tel: +36 30 3990060
Email: jatszoter[@]biohars.hu (To: Ms. Evelin Nyisztor)
Postal address: Ipari Park 541., Kaposszekcso, H-7361, Hungary